RPNow: Nvidia Error
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Here are the steps to be followed if the Nvidia error is encountered:


1. Close the Secure Browser.

     If Geforce Experience is configured i.e: CD is using it or log in Geforce experience. Kindly turn off all of the features inside the application namely:

  • In-game overlay
  • Game Stream
  • Other features (This may vary from devices)



2. Relaunch the PSI Secure browser and check if Nvidia is still detected as a prohibited app.


3.  If Nvidia is still detected, close the secure browser then notify the candidate that you will disable Nvidia then open “Services” Application (You can type this on the search bar on windows)


4. Look For “NVIDIA Display Container LS”. Right-click and press Properties and then click Stop.



5. Do the same process as above on the “NVIDIA LocalSystem Container”.
6. Advice candidate that after the exam they need to re-open the services application and go to the properties of “NVIDIA Display Container LS” and “NVIDIA LocalSystem Container” then press Start and also turn on the Geforce experience features that have been disabled then restart the device.


If the above troubleshooting still does not fix the issue, please do contact support for further troubleshooting.




PSI Support

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