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RPNow - Network Bandwidth Too Low
Posted by Roger Creek, Last modified by Abby Corre on 08 November 2020 11:54 AM

If you are getting a Network Bandwidth Too Low message that shows you have a 0 KBPS connection, please follow the steps below:

Error Message


For Windows OS

1. Check which camera drivers are listed in Chrome by going to this site in Google Chrome://settings/content/camera.

2. Check which camera is set to be the default in Device Manager (Look under either “Camera” and/or “Imaging Device”) 



3. Go to Control Panel> Programs and Features and delete all the Camera Drivers listed in Chrome (located in step 1) except for the default camera driver listed in Device Manager (located in step 2). 



4. Restart your computer





  1. Go to System Preferences. 


  1. Click Sound. 


  1. Click InpuTab 


4. Select the correct/working audio device, close everything, restart your computer and try Launching SB. 

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