RPNow: How to Uninstall/Remove RPNow
Posted by Steven Mark Carabuena, Last modified by Kevin Brian Cortez on 02 October 2020 07:04 AM

Uninstall Securexam Browser


1.       Open the Windows Control Panel

a.       Windows 10-Type “Control Panel” in the Search box in the lower left corner and select Control Panel from the list of options

2.       Open Programs and Features 


a.       NOTE: If you do not see Programs and Features click the drop down next to "View By" in the top-right corner and select "Small Icons"


3.       Scroll down till you locate "PSI Secure Browser 1.1.x" and click on it.


a.       Once "Securexam Browser v7" is highlighted select Uninstall



4.       Open Windows Explorer Folder



5.       Open the following folder: Windows (C:)> Users> (Your Username)> AppData> Roaming



6.       Locate the and delete the following folders:


a.       PSI Secure Browser

b.       psi-secure-browser

c.       com.psiexams.psi-secure-browser




7.       Return to to install the software and access your exam




1.       Go to Finder> Applications and uninstall “PSI Secure Browser”


2.       Delete the “PSI Secure Browser” icon from your desktop

a. Double click the icon and select “Move to Trash”



3.       Navigate to Finder> Go> Go to Folder> 



4.       Type “~/Library” and hit Return



5.       Open the Application Support folder 



6.       In the Application Support folder delete the following folders


a.       com.psiexams.psi-secure-browser

b.       psi-secure-browser 



7.       Return to to install the software and access your exam




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