RPNow: Blank Screen on the Camera- Camera not detected
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If you encounter an issue with Blank Screen on the Camera/Camera not detected, please try the steps below:



1. Open Device  manager in control  panel. (Control Panel>Hardware and Sound>Device manager)

2. Click View and select Show hidden  devices.

3. After showing hidden devices, Look for the Camera/Imaging  Devices item (Grayed out icon usually indicates the shown hidden items.)

4. Update Camera driver. (As USB video device)

5. Test camera in Windows camera app.


6. If the camera still prompts not  detected, Proceed with step 7.


7. Click  start menu/windows icon and search Apps & Features.

8. Under Apps Features, type on the search box " Camera " .

9. After the camera is searched, click on Advanced  Options.

10. Scroll  down and select Reset. 


11. Restart  computer and relaunch  Rpnow.


If you followed the above steps and continue to experience issues  please contact us back for further troubleshooting.


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