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Saica - Taking a Qualification Exam
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In order to take a Saica examination and to make sure the software works properly on your computer, you must test the software by performing a “Qualification Exam”, and upload the resulting files to Software Secure for confirmation.


  1.     Close down ALL software applications. To start the application, double-click on this icon. 

Securexam Icon


 2.     Click on “Login and take an exam” from the main screen. 

Login and Take Exam



 The “Login” dialog screen will appear.

student ID

3.    Enter your Username (your Saica Profile Number) and click on “OK” to continue. The USB Drive Backup Wizard appears. 

Your exams will be backed up on a USB key during an exam session. The “USB Drive Backup Wizard” will guide you through the process of testing your USB key to insure the proper usage.


 4.    At the Drive Backup Wizard, click the “Manually Configure” box.


USB Backup

 The following window pops up

 Available Drive

Select the removable drive, and click “Verify Write”

If the drive works, you will see the following window.

      USB Verify

  Click OK


If the drive fails, you will see the following window.


In this case, is usually due to a faulty USB key, or the drive you picked is the wrong one (e.g. a CD-ROM drive).

Make sure you picked the right drive. If the USB key is faulty, exit Securexam and restart the process with a different USB key.

It is not mandatory to use a USB key to take a practice exam but it is strongly recommended.

If a problem occurs during the practice exam, the USB would then have an external backup of your practice exam response.

After ensuring that your USB key is properly configured for your exam or after quitting the USB test, the “Select Exam” dialog box will appear.

Check the box next to “Qualification exam”, and click on “OK.”

Available License

 The exam identification screen will appear, pre-populated with your Saica Profile number.

If the number is not right, you can change it.

Student ID

Click on OK. The “Password” dialog box appears.

 Password Box

Type in the word “in” in the password box. The exam will be loaded. Once the exam
is ready, the “Exam Start” dialog box will appear.

 Start Password

Type in “start” then press “Enter.”

You need to leave your computer in “Qualification Exam” mode for at least 5 minutes.
You will not be able to use your computer during this time and you will not be able to exit Securexam.

Note the number of sections on the left pane of the screen. In this case, you should see 4 sections: Intro, Case / Cas #1, Section I and Section II.

While in the Qualification Exam, do the following tests:

1. Go to Case/Cas #1 in the answer tab.

a. In the answer tab type: “This is a test of the Securexam software”
b. Copy and paste the line you typed
c. Highlight the first line and bold it
d. Highlight the second line and change the font to italic
e. Underline software in the second line

2. Go to the spreadsheet tab
      a. Open up formulas on the top toolbar
      b. Scroll down to FV and copy the formula under Syntax
      c. Paste the formula in the spread sheet column A row 1
      d. Enter the following numbers in column M and sum them using the Σ:100 312 423 569
      e. Click on the box beside "show printable area" on the toolbar
      f. Ensure that when this box is checked column O disappears

After 5 minutes being in the Qualification Exam, click on File at the top of the screen and exit Securexam (password out is "out")

exit password

 View the files saved on your usb key and ensure that the file “2016 SAICA_Qualification exam-ssi-response” is there and the date and time stamp are correct 
 Make sure that the file “2016 SAICA_Qualification exam-ssi-response” is on your desktop 


******If you turn off your computer during a Qualification Exam without properly exiting Securexam, when your computer is turned on again, Securexam will restart and you will have to go through the following steps:******

                 1. Choose your language and then the proctor password screen will appear.
                 2. Type in the proctor password. The proctor password, for a “Qualification Exam”, is “saica2016.”
                 3. Type in a reason in the text field.
                 4. Choose the radio button “Finalize the exam.”


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