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Saica - Taking A Practice or Generic Exams
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First you must Close down ALL software applications.

To start the application, double-click on this icon.

                 Secure exam icon


Click on “Login and take an exam” from the main screen.

         login and take exams



                     The “Login” dialog screen will appear.

    Login Dialogue


Enter your Username (your Saica ID Number)  and click on “OK” to continue. The USB Drive Backup Wizard appears.

 At the Drive Backup Wizard, follow the same instructions as explained in the
Taking a “Qualification Exam”.

After ensuring that your USB key is properly configured for your exam, the “Select Exam” dialog box will appear.

To select a Practice or generic exam, click on the button “Practice or generic exam”, on the top left of the screen.




The “Securexam Exam” dialog box appears.

User Information

 Under “User Identification”, you must select from one of the two available options. This user identification information will be entered in the exam header for grading identification.


“Use Exam ID” – Enter the Saica Profile number that you have been given.


 “User Name” – If selected, your Saica Profile number is automatically entered for you.


For a Practice exam, choose any option. For a generic exam, follow instructions given to you by the Program Providers.


Click on the "OK" button. The “Password” dialog box appears.

Enter Password

Upon entering the correct password, the system will set up the exam, which may take a few moments (especially on older computers and those with limited RAM).


For a Practice exam, type in the word “password” in the password box. ion.


Click on OK. Once the exam is ready, the “Exam Start” dialog box will appear.


Start Password


Type the word “Start”, press the enter key and you will now have access to the exam. Your exam will appear as shown.


Exam Page


Answer Tab

 The word processing tab (“Answer”) appears for Question 1. Practice working with the word processing document. We recommend you review each menu item to familiarize yourself with any differences from a normal Microsoft ® Office Word menu.




Spreadsheet Tab

 Each question has its own spreadsheet associated with it. Open the spreadsheet by clicking on the “spreadsheet” tab, situated under each question. Practice working with the spreadsheet. We recommend you review each menu item to familiarize yourself with any differences from a normal Microsoft ® Office Excel menu. 

To obtain a list of the available formulas and the syntax for use in the spreadsheet while in Securexam, click on the drop down menu “Formula”.

 When you are working in thespreadsheet, you must limit yourself to columns A to N. Only work entered in these 14 columns will be printed for marking.


 Exams with Multiple Questions


In an exam with multiple case questions, each question has an answer tab and a spreadsheet tab. To navigate between questions, click on the arrow buttons on the top left of the page. You can always see which question you are answering as the question number appears in bold in the coloured title bar above the “Answer” and “Spreadsheet” tabs.

Ending Your Exam

When you are ready to end your exam, select the “End Exam/Session” from the File Menu.


end exam


The exit password box will appear.

exit password


For a Practice exam, type in the word “password” in the password box and click OK. 


The “End Exam” box will appear.



Confirm that you wish to end your exam. A final dialog box will appear which you must also click to indicate you are ready to end the exam.



Your exam will be saved on your computer and to the USB key (if you are using a USB key and tested it at the beginning of the exam).

Securexam will shut down.


For a Practice exam, your exam will be saved in a decrypted format in a subfolder, located in the “Securexam” folder on your desktop. 


If you turn off your computer during a Practice exam without properly exiting Securexam, when your computer is turned on again, Securexam will delete all files from your practice exam and restore your computer. Your files will be lost unless you used a USB key to save the exam.


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