RPNow: Unable to download/install RPNow
Posted by Roger Creek, Last modified by Abby Corre on 08 November 2020 12:13 PM

If you are unable to download the Remote Proctor software and you meet the minimum System Requirements, please try the steps below:



Step 1

Confirm if the device in use is supported. You can check the System Requirements for a list of the supported Operating Systems and Devices.

NOTE: Tablets and mobile devices are not supported. While all laptop brands (i.e. Lenovo, Sony, ASUS, Dell, Mac, Acer, Samsung, etc.) that have Touchscreen capability are subjected to troubleshooting.

Step 2

Temporarily disable your Anti-Virus/Firewall software. You may have to refer to the Anti-Virus/Firewall Manufacturer if you are unfamiliar with the steps to disable your Anti-Virus/Firewall software. NOTE: This only needs to be disabled temporarily and can be enabled once you have completed the exam.

Step 3

1. Open the following Directory: C:\Users\<<username>>\AppData\Local\Apps

2. Delete the "2.0" folder

3. Disable any Anti-Virus/Firewall program installed on your machine. 

4. Download the Remote Proctor software

5. Right-click the Setup.exe file and select "Run as Administrator"

If you are still unable to download or run the Remote Proctor Software, please contact us. You can locate the correct number for support here



In some instances, the Download Progress Window does not close, despite the file downloading completely. If the Download Progress Window appears to stall or freeze, or if you are unable to download the files for any reason, please follow the steps below.


1. Navigate to the Downloads Folder. Location: Finder> Home Folder (Your Name)> Downloads

2. Check to see if the files are located here.

3. If needed expand the Downloads folder window so you can view the "Date Added" column. You should now be able to locate the file based on the day it was downloaded.


If you are still unable to locate the Files needed for the exam, please contact us back for further assistance. You can locate the correct number for support here


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