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Some numbers in my spreadsheet are in scientific format (e.g. 3.43E+17). Even if I expand the width of the column, the number does not change.
Posted by Jason Standley, Last modified by Jason Standley on 11 October 2017 02:05 PM

You need to manually change the format of the cell. Select “Format” on the menu bar, then Number format and choose the format you want. Select the format category you want (number, currency, etc.) and then select the format from the available options.

You should note that in the “General” format there is a limit of 10 digits, after which the format switches to scientific notation or starts to cut off the least significant decimal places. Switching to a “Number” format corrects this problem however the only options for the number of decimal places in the number format are “0” or “2”. If you need to use more than 2 decimal places you will have to use the General format option.


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