APMG - Mandatory Software Update - RPNow
Posted by Ed Brown, Last modified by Ed Brown on 20 March 2020 04:20 PM

Dear APMG Candidate,

Recently you received an email stating that a mandatory update is required in order for your exam to be finalized.

In order to proceed, download and run the installer which is located at the bottom of this article.

After installing the update, you must leave your computer running and connected to the internet.

During this time, a black box will display text scrolling.  Depending on the speed of your connection, will determine the speed the text displays.
Once the text has stopped scrolling, it will display something similar to c:\.  Once this appears, the files are processed.

If you need any assistance with running this program, please call 1-617-658-2879 or chat with our support group.

We will contact you within the next couple days if there is still an issue with your exam files.

Thank you!


 apmgupdate.exe (2.25 MB)