Installation Instructions
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Many candidates have the Securexam software preinstalled on their computers by their employer’s IT staff.

If you do not have the Securexam software preinstalled on your computer by your employer’s IT staff, you must download the software from the Securexam website at




You have been pre-registered on the web site by your region. On the welcome page, log on by entering your seven digit CPA candidate number as ID and password. Click on the “Log In” button.

Installation Instructions

Download and save the installation package onto your computer desktop.

Installation Instructions 2

Double-click the installation package icon on your desktop to unzip the downloaded files.

Installation Instructions 3

Double-click the Securexam student Installer icon to launch the Securexam installation program.

Installation Instructions 4

  1. Follow Set-up instructions to install Securexam.
  2. The Securexam icon will appear on your desktop.

Installation Instructions 5

 The computer is now ready to run Securexam.

 If you do not have administrative rights, contact your employer’s computer help desk.


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