CPA (Pep, Prep, Acaf) Minimum Hardware and Software Requirements
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For CPA Canada, Securexam is certified to run on PC-based laptop computers only. This means that Apple/iOS products and tablets (iOs, Windows, Android) are not allowed.


To install Securexam, your laptop must meet these minimum hardware and software requirements:




1 GB of Ram

100 MB of free hard drive space (required to run application)

A free USB port


To use Securexam in the writing centre, you need a free USB port. (You do not need a free USB port to practice with the software or to complete the mandatory “Qualification Exam”, but it is strongly recommended you always use a USB key.)




Microsoft Windows Operating System, Windows 7,Windows 8, 8.1 or Windows 10 (Enterprise Versions of the OS are not supported)


To download the software, upload the “Qualification Exam” and receive emails from Software Secure, Internet access is required.


User rights requirement

You must have administrator rights to install this software. User-level rights will allow you to use the software once it has been installed.



If your employer owns your computer, you must secure employer approval and/or assistance to install Securexam, in accordance with your employer’s policies.


For additional information, please consult the Securexam User Guideand the Securexam Tips Guide.


If you need assistance:


1. Contact Software Secure:


In order to best assist you in an expedited manner, please click on the following link for Software Secure online customer support portal:


Alternatively, you can call: 1-855-489-2777 (English support) or 1-844-644-7470 (French support).


2. If this does not solve the problem, contact the CPA Canada helpdesk at


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