CPA Securexam Upload Instructions
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Uploading your Exam File

You are required to upload your final exam files to the Software Secure website within three hours after the examination has ended. Files received after that time might not be marked, and a late fee of $200 may be levied against you.

Upload instructions
1. Login to your account on the Securexam Registration website at

2. Click on the “Upload Completed Exam” button in the left navigation page.

3. Choose the exam you want to upload in the drop-down menu.

Drop Down Menu
4.Use the “Browse” button to navigate to your Desktop and select the file saved there by Securexam under the name “CPA_2016 _Month-Exam name_ candidate number_date_time.ssi-response”. Click on Open.

5. Click on the “Upload” button.

6. Your file will be uploaded.

By going back to your Dashboard, you should see your uploaded exam files.

You will receive an email notification from Software Secure that your file has been received. If you do not receive a notification, check your spam filter.


The backup copy of your response sent to CPA Canada contains only your candidate number as a reference. All other personal information provided to Software Secure through the uploading process or email will be kept confidential by them.

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