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RPNow: Process not allowed or prohibited programs running
Posted by Ed Brown, Last modified by on 09 April 2013 10:17 AM

RPNow does now allow certain programs to be running while in the software.

If you have received a Prohibited  Processes  Running message, similar to the message below indicating a process isn't allowed, you'll need to stop this application(S) from running.


Prohibited Process

The simplest way to solve this issue is to click the “Continue” button. This should close all Prohibited  Processes that are running. NOTE: Please be sure to save any important work before clicking the “Continue” button. 

Prohibited Process 

If clicking the “Continue” button does  not  close the application reboot your computer and see if the same issue occurs.  If upon reboot and running the software again, you receive the same message, you'll need to find the application and stop it. (See Method 2)


Method 2


1. Click on Start/windows Start icon then search services.msc

2. Right click on Services- Desktop app and select Run as Administrator.

3. On the list of Services, Look for the prohibited process (Teamviewer11. Youcam. TVNserver, etc.). 

4. Highlight and Right click on the service and select Stop (Or on the screenshot, the stop option is also on the side).



5. Go back to RPnow and hit Continue or Relaunch  RPnow.


If you have any further issues after following the steps above, please contact our Technical Support Team.

Thank you!



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