RPNow-Remote Proctor Now FAQ
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Where do I go to access an RPNow exam?

To take an exam please visit 


When do I click the “Insert Password” button?

You should click the “Insert Password” button when you are prompted to enter the exam password. NOTE: You should use your normal login credentials to log into your Course Management System.


Does RPNow support Mac’s?

Yes, RPNow is compatible with Mac’s. For a full list of requirements please view the RPnow System Requirements page here.


What’s required to use RPNow?

Click here to see the minimum requirements for RPNow. 


Is my Internet Connection compatible with RPNow?

The minimum requirement is .2 Mbps/200 Kbps. You can check your connection for compatibility with the RPNow system prior to taking an exam at


Where do I install Flash if I do not already have it on my machine?

You can download the latest version of Flash at

Note: Use Google Chrome to install the correct version of Flash. 


What can I do if I am having problems with Flash and only see a Blank Screen when accessing RPNow?

For troubleshooting issues with Flash or if you are receiving a Blank Screen please access the following Knowledge Base article.


What should I do if I’m having problems accessing an exam using RPNow?

If you are having problems accessing an exam please visit the link below to access our “Contact Us” page, which includes details on various ways to contact us including Live Chat, Submit a Ticket, or by calling our 24/7 Help Desk.


Where can I learn more about RPNow?

You can learn more about RPNow by visiting our RPNow product page at


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