RPPro-When Troubleshooting Upek Drivers the Upek Drivers will not open or install
Posted by Roger Creek, Last modified by Roger Creek on 03 May 2012 06:45 PM

If you are trying to manually install the Upek Drivers and they will not install it may be caused by a File Association setting. 

Please try the troubleshooting steps below, to resolve this issue, and manually install the Upek Drivers.

  1. Download the Default MSI zip folder
  2. Right-click on the Default MSI zip folder and select extract here
  3. Right-click on the Default MSI.reg file attached and click on Merge
  4. Click "Ok" to apply changes
  5. Restart the PC and log back in to Windows
  6. Navigate to the Upek drivers (location below) and right-click and select install.
  7. Note: Upek Drivers Default Location: C:\ Program Files (x86)\ Software Secure, Inc\ Drivers
  8. Go through the on screen prompts to install the Drivers.
  9. Open Control Panel\Device Manager
  10. Confirm that the SRP Drivers are listed by checking the locations below:
  11. Note: TouchChip Fingerprint Coprocessor is listed under Biometric Devices and SRP5702 Rev 1.0 is listed under Imaging Devices

If you continue to experience any further issues, please feel free to contact us back.


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