Does Not Launch When Entering an Exam ("Unhandled exception" error or "Attempted to perform an unauthorized operation" error).
Posted by Ed Brown, Last modified by Jason Standley on 11 October 2017 11:12 AM


If after double clicking the Securexam Icon, the software does not launch and you receive one of the following error messages:

  • Unhandled exception error

  • The exam cannot proceed because security could not be enabled.  The error was: Attempted to perform an unauthorized operation. 


Follow the steps outlined below to resolve.

  1. Right mouse  Computer, choose Manage.
  2. Expand Services and Applications, click WMI Control, right mouse click WMI Control, choose properties.


If it states failed to initial or access denied follow the below steps, otherwise if successfully connected do not proceed.

1.      Click the Windows Button (formerly called the start button) on the lower left.

2.      Click All programs then Accessories

3.      Right mouse click on command prompt and choose “Run as Administrator” option.

4.      Enter the following command lines:

net localgroup "Administrators" "NT Authority\Local Service" /add

net localgroup "administrators" "Service" /add


  1.  Right Click Windows button, click Run, Type: services.msc
  2. Right mouse click Windows Management Instrumentation service, choose stop.
  3. Navigate to c:\windows\system32\wbem\  and rename repository to repository_old
  4. On the services page, right mouse the Windows Management Instrumentation service, choose start.
  5. Follow the above steps to confirm the you can successfully connect to the WMI.
  6. Reboot the computer and launch the software again.


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